Benefits of Car Umbrella Tent

You have a wide range of different types of car tents available in the market at present. But, it doesn’t come as a surprise as more and more vehicle drivers are looking forward to keep their vehicle safe. A car umbrella preserves your car from natural hazards and others dilapidating problems and makes it look good. Today, you have hundreds of models available for car tents. It is an all in one umbrella which is highly durable and tough. It has been manufactured with hard, military grade fiberglass rods which are unbreakable and can survive folding and unfolding very easily.

The car umbrella offers a lot of benefits to the car and its driver. Some of them are given below:

  1. Wireless remote control with higher range: You can control the umbrella via a remote control. It comes with a range of 98ft. With just one press of a button, the car umbrella folds and unfolds itself. The installation procedure is also very fast. You don’t have to manually cover the car, it is fully automatic.
  2. Simple and easy setup: The complete opening and smart folding structure doesn’t take more than 8sec. The installation process just takes about 30 sec. So, it doesn’t take a lot of your time like the manual car covers.
  3. Long lasting rechargeable batteries: The car umbrella rechargeable battery lasts for around 1 month. And after a month, you just have to charge them once to continue folding and unfolding for another month,
  4. Secure polycarbonate construction: The body of polycarbonate absorbs heat thereby keeping your car comparatively cool during hot summers. It protects your car from damaging effects of the weather and sun and avoid fading of the paint.
  5. Car-friendly specs: The umbrella car cover can withstand bad weather conditions like strong winds, hail and wind. It will keep your car guarded even in storm. The car umbrella comes with plastic contact surface which secures the car surface from dents, marks and scratches.
  6. Bugler proof body: It has a 4 belt body which is wrapped around the handles of the door or side mirrors to keep the umbrella intact. It prevents buglers from removing the covering. The belts are very tough to cut and thus they prevent it from theft.
  7. Complete all-round security: The major factor of car umbrella is to keep the car secure from the direct effects of sunlight. It is important during summers and others weathers too.
  8. USB Charging facility: It also facility to charge your cell phones tablets and other devices for some time. it can also connect LED lights.
  9. Long life: The car umbrella is durable and long lasting because of the sturdy and refined material they are made of. They can safely cover your cars for years without losing any detail.

You can easily find out the car umbrella price [ร่มรถยนต์ราคา, which is the term in Thai] and order them online to get them delivered at your doorsteps. The installation procedure is very simple and doesn’t take any time.

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