Facts you Need to Know About High Mileage Oil

While shopping for supplies engine oil, you can very well be overwhelmed and confused after seeing the variety of engine oil types that are currently available in the market. While there is conventional oil, there are synthetic oil, and a new oil specially made for cars that are manufactured after the year 2012, being largely sold in the market. If you go still deeper you’ll get to know that there are other oil types available as well, that are named as high mileage oil, recycled oil,detergent oil  and more. But we are sure, your eyes got stuck with the name “High Mileage Oil” as no other name can be so alluring. But before you try one on your vehicle, we would recommend you to consult an experienced mechanic from a reputable auto repair shop to make sure, if your vehicle really needs this high mileage oil, and if that will be good for the health of its engine.

Basic Facts about Engine Oil

The engine oil poured under your hood, shouldn’t be considered as a mere liquid form of mineral or a synthetic substance to keep your engine running. An engine oil is consisted of certain amount of contains additives, apart from minerals and other synthetic chemicals. These additives are used to improve the oil characteristics that are good for the engine, these additives also help inovercoming the weaknesses of the oil properties while add new advantageous properties. Usually the commonly used oil with 5W-20 capacity is considered as high mileage motor oil that contains even more additional additives that are made to serve a specific kind of high mileage engines.

Explaining the Term “High Mileage”

Even a few years back a car crossing 100,000 miles was held as excessive, but with the release of the latest models that can run over 300,000 miles just with their basic maintenance, are now redefining the concept of high mileage. so, in a way, it is a relative term that fluctuates the criterion of the ability to cross a certain measurement of distance, depending upon several factors line its year of manufacturing, its make and model as well asthe way it is driven and how good it is maintained. Coming to the numbers again, it is currently referring around 75,000 miles driven in the city roads or 150,000 miles as a commuter car.

Advantages and Disadvantages of High Mileage Oil

The high mileage oil is a good option to clean up minor deposits as well as for improving theoil sealing during the oil change, both internally and externally. It can also improve the level of lubrication in the engine house and prevent minor seepage and burning of oil.

However, the apparently impressive high mileage oil comes with its own sets of disadvantages. These High Mileage Oil will be unable to repair things like spun of crankshaft bearings, major oil leaks, power loss, blow-by, rod knock or issues like piston slap. If your car using high mileage oil faces with any of these problems, the only solution left to you is by repairing the impaired parts or replacing them altogether.

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