Getting the Most Out of Car Detailing

If you want to ensure that your car keeps looking its best, you should have your vehicle detailed on a regular basis. There are a few steps to keep in mind for detailing, so whether you’re taking your car to a detailing business or doing the job yourself, you should know how to make your vehicle look like you just drove it off the lot.

Washing your car is one of the first steps to detailing it. You can run your car through the wash to get rid of dust and debris. Keeping your car cleaned often is ideal during spring and summer, since it’s common for pollen to settle on the car and create a yellow, cloudy film. If you take your vehicle to the car wash, your automobile is washed with a special soap that won’t tarnish the pain or fade the exterior. However, you can also visit your local auto shop for soap that is appropriate for your car’s paint job.

After washing the car, you’ll need to rinse it to ensure that all the soap is gone and there is no residue. You can use the industrial fans at the car wash to dry it or use a soft cloth to remove excess moisture from the outside of the vehicle. Adding a wax or buffing material to the car is ideal as well, since it gives your car a nice shine that makes the exterior look like new.

Don’t forget to clean the tires and hub caps of your car as well. Even if the paint on your car is clean, if the tires still have dirt or mud on them, it will be very noticeable. Use a special soap to remove stains from the tires so you can protect the rubber and keep the hub caps shiny.

You’ll also need to clean the inside of your car. Using gentle cleaner for the dashboard and steering wheel area is ideal, since this will rid this part of the car of dust and stains. You should also vacuum the car, especially if you or your children eat in the car often. When all food particles and dust are out of the car, you can prevent unpleasant odors and keep bugs from being attracted to your car during the warmer months of the year. You can also customize the detailing by adding car fresheners to the interior or purchasing an air freshener spray that you can use any time you want to freshen up the inside of your vehicle.

Be sure that you clean the windows of the car as well. You can use the same glass cleaner you use for the windows of your home if your windows aren’t tinted. However, you may need a special formula to clean the windows and remove smudges without ruining the tint. Don’t forget to clean the side windows and rearview mirror as well so you can see clearly while driving and rid these parts of the car of water spots. When your car is clean and presentable, you’ll feel much more confident while driving, especially if you want to make a great impression.

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