How to best clean your bike

Just like any other machinery or equipment, the bike and motorcycle spares also needs to be maintained and very preserved so as to enhance and maintain optimal performance even after being used for a long time. When the parts are exposed to intense friction, collisions and mud the parts will obviously start wearing out hence the necessity of lubricating and cleaning the bike as well. It doesn’t matter how vigorously or how repeatedly do you ride the bike, it is very important to ensure the bike and motorcycle spares are kept clean at all times. This ensures the bike lasts longer as the parts are kept in a good condition at all times as the wearing is prevented and the corrosion due to accumulation of mud is eliminated at all.

Just like cleaning a space or any other machine, cleaning a bike requires simple but specific equipment to help you perform the job. The most simple items required to perform this errand include the cleaning rags. This help clear out grease, wax and any oily contents. Brushes are also essential in cleaning the hard dirt that has held onto the parts of the bike. The brushes are sold in different sizes so as the enable the task perform to clean even the areas with very small penetrating spaces. To clean up the bike chain which consists of gum like dirty, the degreaser is very essential and is commonly used. This can range from solvents such as kerosene fuel and turpentine.

Cleaning a motorbike involves brushing, scrubbing and even lubrication of the moving parts that are exposed to friction. Although it is necessary to frequently wash the bike, it should be done carefully so as not to cause damage to some other parts of the bike. That is the main reason as to why it is important to observe the procedures of performing the work. The first and main step when washing your bike is by cleaning the bike frame by use of a rag. Wash the handlebars, handset all the way down to the brake pads. For the rotors, use an alcohol cleaner as soap may damage the rotors. Scratch the chain and its parts and use clean water to rinse off all the dirt.

The second but very essential procedure of cleaning your bike is by lubricating your chain after it has been brushed and cleaned in the first step. This is done by use of the degreaser; when it is fully dried apply a little lubricant as excessive use of it may lead to attraction of dirt. The other two last steps of cleaning your bike are more of maintenance. This includes lubricating of the brakes and levers as the third and fourth steps of the procedure. This should be done more frequently especially in very wet conditions. The cables and brakes should be entirely checked and lubricant applied at pivot points especially the rotating corners. This is performed carefully and professionally so as to ensure the lubricants do not get into contact with the brake pads.

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