How to Maintain Your Car Like a Pro?

Your car is certainly one of the biggest investments you’ve ever made. Looking after your car and keeping it in good shape is your responsibility that you should fulfill sincerely. Avoiding routine maintenance will only be like flushing all your money down the drain. Here are some tried and tested tips to maintain your car like a pro.

While a new model needs less servicing than old cars that need replacement of spark plugs, examination of breaker points and removing the body rust, your car still needs some periodic checks to avoid any bigger troubles.


  • Check the Brakes


Ideally, you should inspect the brakes of your car twice a year. Also, you should get them checked by a professional mechanic if you feel they’re consistently producing screeching sound or if there’s leakage. If you’re checking your wheels on your own, you have to remove the wheels and check the condition of the rotors, pads and drums. Luckily, it’s easier than ever before to import wholesale brake pads from China that are not only functional but are also affordable. So, it’s obviously not too difficult these days to keep your car brakes in tip top condition so that you can enjoy optimum braking performance.


  • Transmission Fluid


Present-day car models come with an automatic gearbox in which the cover to the fluid cylinder is sealed. If you own an older model, you should examine the fluid level when the engine is still running and heated. Determine the level in the reservoir as well as the steering pump. Ask your mechanic to repair the leaks and also fill up in case any of the tanks are slacking off.


  • Check the Level of Engine Oil


Check the level of engine oil on regularly basis and pay attention to the leakage. Make sure to park your car on an even surface and use dipstick to take accurate readings. In case the level is low fill the tank up. Be certain that you don’t overfill than the stated limit. Get in touch with the repair service if you find any leaks and get them repaired as soon as possible. 


  • Air Pressure


It’s also important to check the pressure of each tire (including the spare one) to see whether or not they’re inflated to the correct psi. Especially, if you have any forthcoming long-distance trip in line, you should check the air pressure in advance to prevent any trouble. 


  • Car Wash


While it may sound not a big deal, cleaning up your car is obviously a tiresome task that needs both your time and energy. Thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior of your car alongside glasses .You can wash your car on weekly basis to get rid of dust and road salt from the fender wells.

Follow these steps to properly maintain your expensive vehicle. These tips are simple, doable and absolutely functional. What other things you do to keep your car in good shape? Feel free to share your suggestions below. We’d love to hear back.

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