Opportunities for wheelchair users are more accessible

The wheelchair users are given the same opportunity like other people by the automobile industry with respect to accessibility. The environment that is considered while designing the wheelchairs is related to ramping.

Understanding the experience

The experience of the wheelchair user are absolutely different form the normal persons. It has to be understood that the Wheelchair Car is specially designed for them so that they can move independently. Hence there are different types of wheelchair designs that will suit the individual as per their requirement. The aids and the adaptations are like s a support system to the wheelchair users.

  • The folding wheelchairs are the ones that are folded so that they take very less room for storage. It can be easily folded vertically that halves the width as well as horizontally.
  • One will also have the ability to remove of may be fold the foot rests. The user hence can move freely with the folding wheelchair. They can have either the boot or the back seat of their car.
  • There are few models that have certain self-propelled folding wheelchairs. These types of models allow the larger rear wheels to be removed. This helps to remove the overall footprint but simultaneously also reduces the weight. This is for the user and also for the attendant during the time of storage.

The ramp in the Wheelchair Car is a good option where the user can propel the chair into the rear of the car. This is done via the ramp and then walks into the car. The hoist or the lift has very less physical effort that provides all the lifting.

The stowage system is the one that can be stored on the roof or the boot or the back seat. It also allows the folding wheelchair user to transfer to their seat. They can also independently store the wheelchair with the help of electronic control.

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