Why Skipping a Scheduled Car Service Can Be Dangerous

Skipping a car service is as common as losing an umbrella, and it is hard to find a car owner who hasn’t done it once in his lifetime. So, it might not appear to be that big a deal for many, as apparently nothing big takes place, when you leave your car in the hands of the mechanics. But the repercussions it can cause might not be small always. So there’s one thing for sure, that is being unsure about the well being of your car, that relates directly to the same for you, your family and people on the road. If you think, we are exaggerating, you can simply take a note of what we intend to say.

Usual Maintenance Tenure

The team of mechanics serving at the Clementon Buick GMC dealer revealed that generally, cars need to be serviced in wither every 12 months or after you cross every 15,000 kms, whichever comes first.However, in case you miss one or even a couple of maintenance schedule, the best solution is to ask your mechanic for a tailor-made solution that can help you catch up with the upgrades.

Why is it Necessary?

Your car is dependent on some vital fluids, lubricants, electronic and mechanical components that need to get checked, replaced or adjusted at regular intervals. This is the only way to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle. And here’s how:

Preventing Serious Damage

You might not evenget to know what could be wrong with your car, but when you take it for the scheduled car service, the technical testing will automatically diagnose them at one shot. Hence, it is through these regular services that we can be alerted in time, if there’s any sign of a major problem that could pop up any time sooner or later. So, if you skip a maintenance or two, you are actually being off-guard from the prevention of serious damages.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Car

Since car servicing takes care of all the mechanisms and their components in time, the functionality of your car stays at par, not allowing the curse of wear and tear bring down the overall health of your car. One servicing can bring to your notice many such things that could have otherwise led to mechanical failures and from there to dangerous consequences, so skipping one such scheduled maintenance, is playing with the longevity of your car.

Higher Resale Value

A regularly serviced and well-tuned car on the other hand receives an extra shot of extended life-span that would keep the resale value at a higher plane than a car that shows clear negligence.

Prevention is Better than Cure

The Clementon Buick GMC dealership mechanics say, it is better to go with the old saying that prevention is better than cure. It has literally never failed! Saying that, they mean, if you keep servicing your car without a fail, it saves your life, your car, your hard earned money and time. On the other hand, by missing these services, you are running closer to more severe damages that would be hard to repair, costlier to be replaced and tougher to get back into its original shape.

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